Friday, April 15, 2016

Jensen Adventures {June 2014}

In June {2014} we had some of Brad's family come to visit. His mom (Alesia), sister (Ashley), brother (Justin), Grandma Shirley (Alesia's mom) & Grandpa Francis (Ray's dad, not Shirley's husband). It was a modge podge of people but it was so fun to have a full house!!

One of the first days they were they, we borrowed a mini van and went to Praha! (aka: Prague, Czech Republic) I'd been before so I really didn't take many pictures. Regardless, Prague is one of my favorite European cities. I think I ended up going 5 or 6 times total, while living in Europe. Love it. 

The next day, we took the train to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 

Justin realllly wanted a big loaf of bread. I think about 1/16th of it got eaten. Ha! 

Brad's family was here for his birthday, so we went to go visit him at work. Later that evening, we went to Amberg to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant: Mamma Maria. 

We had a little party with cheesecake (of course!) after dinner.

One of the nights there were visiting, we had the Elder's over for dinner. One of them was being transferred (though I can't remember which one now). Elder Mitch Brown and Elder Jacob Jackson: was Kason's last day of 1st grade! This is from my Instagram of his first day of school and last day. He really grew about a foot (or more!) that year. 

Next Up: France & Spain! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

May 2014

May was a travel-free month but it did include: 

My 29th Birthday
(Brad and I went out to dinner to Trattoria Rustica Italian in Amberg)

Kason was in his school's talent show and he played 'The Star Wars Theme' on the old piano. 

Lots of track meets for Kason. He ran sprints and was pretty dang good. I don't think he ever placed less than 3rd place. 

A Helping Hands service project with our ward. We helped at a military community day, serving 100's of people. 

{Kason & Sarah Blackman}

{Steve & Karen Gordon: Military Relations Missionaries}

These GORGEOUS flowers that were just outside our front door in Germany. I loved them!!

A bowling field trip with Kason

{Kason & his buddy Noah}

And lastly, some family friends, the Ellsworths, were getting ready to leave for Korea so, use girls got together and did the Kletterwald (ie: ropes course!) Soooo fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Colmar, France {April 2014}

I love the Alsace region of France. It's so charming and quaint and well...downright adorable. I could live there and never look back! While we were in Colmar, we stumbled upon their Easter Market. I'm wishing I had bought some of their decorated eggs..."should've, would've, could've" ... am I right?

(hindsight is totally 20/ that we've been back in the states for 9 months I have soooo many of those "I wish I would have" thoughts. *sigh*) 

It was all adorable, nonetheless. 

We stopped for lunch in the main square and it took for-ev-er ... not to mention it tasted like frozen pizza. Bleh. Thank heavens for beautiful backdrops to lift our spirits!! 

{side note: almost every time one of use would wear BYU shirts, while traveling, we would run into fellow Mormons. It happened while in Colmar and we chatted with a family from Utah for a bit. One of my favorite things!}

See? Orangia! (It's France's version of Fanta...)

After lunch we wandered and found Colmar's 'Little Venice'...

Lastly, we had to enjoy some French Delicacies. Naturally! 

So long, France! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mont St. Michel, France {April 2014}

Back to blogging! I am determined to at least get some of our European Adventures on the blog but life just keeps happening!

After Normandy, we went down to Mont St. Michel. And man, it is gorgeous!! It sits out on a little island that only allows foot traffic. The tide comes right up to the castle walls. It's nicknamed the "Tangled Castle" and I think it does well to live up to it's name.

The next morning, we explored the island & the castle before heading on to our next stop. 

We had so much fun wandering the streets and taking twists and turns to get to the castle! 

It was quite the hike UP! 

While inside the castle, a monk came and rang the bell, which was fun to see. Then we just wandered the grounds and explored! 

After some lunch we headed back down the streets. We stopped in at a cute country kitchen where they were mixing and cooking and banging on the pans in a unison rhythm. It was so neat! 

Our last views of Mont St. Michel....

We were headed to Colmar, France. Along the way we drove through Paris. I thought this would be my last glimpse of the Eiffel Tower but, alas...I went several months later. We also stopped at a rest stop and grabbed some dinner at like....10:30pm. This kid was always happy to have Fanta or Orangina while traveling!