Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Strasbourg, France {June 2014}

We wanted Brad's family to get as many countries under their belt as possible so, we spent a day in France (Strasbourg to be exact!) before we headed to the airport to fly to Barcelona. We had been there previously so we were able to hit the highlights, eat some incredible pastries and call it good! 

They had a beautiful carousel in the middle of one of the plazas so Kason hoped on for a quick ride while everyone enjoyed their croissants. 

While we were wandering the streets, we bumped into our friends Jake and Jordan Johnson, who were in our ward in Germany. What are the odds!? 

We happened upon a flea market/farmers market -- so of course we had to stop and window shop. Brad was probably glad we were flying somewhere so I couldn't buy anything ;) 

Beauty around every corner! 

These dudes had to try some real stinky French cheese and boy, oh boy...was it ever stinky!! 

It was fun to watch the boat squeeze through the passageway. 

We grabbed some French pastries and headed off to the airport in Karlsruhe, to catch our flight! 

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