Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

Recently, I have joined the world of doTERRA Essential Oils. Let me explain to you first, that previous to my conversion, so to speak, I used to think that Essential Oils were only for tree-hugging hippies that didn't want to step foot in a hospital because they would rather smoke a tree branch. Seriously. I used to think that. Keyword: USED to. I thought, "Good on ya! You use those oils!" All while, I was at the doctor's office getting poked and prodded and then injected with random, synthetic chemicals. I had nothing against the "tree-hugging-hippies", it just wasn't for me. 

(I HATE LOATHE & DESPISE South Park, but this is perfect...)

I had always HEARD about the oils but, because I myself, wasn't a hippie, I wasn't about to use them! Then, I married my sexy husband and we moved to Germany. My good friend here, Mary Anne, is an avid lover of doTERRA Essential Oils and the most bizarre part? She's not a hippie ... AT ALL. In fact, I'm pretty sure she showers mostly every single day! 

I went to a class of hers back in November and thought "Hey, those are pretty neat ... but I doubt they really work. Most oils are stinky and just give me a big fat headache." So, I put it out of my mind. Well, then I kept hearing about all sorts of success stories: got rid of migraines, kicked an ear infection, soothed psoriasis, managed ADHD, prevented depression, balanced hormones, helped asthma, insomnia, acne, lactose intolerance ... honestly, the list goes on. So, it got me thinking and I did a little research on the stuff. I also had a sort of epiphany...these essential oils are from the earth. God made the earth and everything on it. Put two and two together: God made the tree that Frankincense comes from. God made the lemon that Lemon oil comes from. God ... He made this stuff. Why wouldn't it be good for us to use!? In fact, doTERRA literally translates to: "Gift of the Earth" 
Not to mention, they're not random chemicals synthesized in a lab somewhere. You can put all natural goodness into your body and not feel like death just because you have a headache. 

So ... I talked to that sexy husband of mine and we decided we would give them a shot. 
(Still slightly skeptical, mind you...) 
Fast forward about a month and I will proudly admit that I am a skeptic turned believer ... these little babies are amazing. And I will also proudly admit that I get so excited when Kason comes to me and says he doesn't feel good. I do a happy dance before pulling out my oils and mixing up my magic. Usually, almost instantly, he feels fine and is off playing again like a normal little 5 (almost 6) year old. Using doTERRA Essential Oils honestly, makes me feel like Super Mom. (I am trying to get Brad to make me a cape ... we are still working on the design.) I'm not even kidding ... 

Other than being Super Mom, I also feel like I need to shout from the highest German peak about these oils! 
They. Are. Amazing. 
So ... here I am ... I want to share them with YOU because I promise you, that you will love them. I won't even make you become a tree-hugger to use them. 

First, I think you need to understand WHY Essential Oils? 
This can get complicated so, stick with me (don't worry ... there are pictures for your enjoyment!): 

Modern Medicine is awesome. Don't get me wrong. There is definitely a place for it in my life, when I need it I'm grateful it's there. But, I also hate going to the doctor, I hate the hassle, I don't enjoy paying half our paycheck to be told I have strep then having to take a horse pill for 10 days. Right? I also don't like the idea of chemicals being put into my body. I have been on my fair share of prescription drugs (before my conversion) and the side affects were awful. It was almost easier to deal with the ailment than deal with the nausea, diarrhea, headaches, rashes, and mood swings that came along with it! If I never have to take another prescription drug, I will die happy. 

So, Essential Oils, are "Nature's Medicine". They help address the root cause of a health issue instead of just masking it. Plus, you don't get any side affects (happy-freaking-dance). Oils are made from HUNDREDS of natural compounds found in plants so, one oil can be beneficial for several different health issues. And, not to mention, they cost cheaper than Modern Medicine. (Often, pennies per dose)

Essential Oils are awesome because, unlike medications, they are compatible with our bodies. When you have a cold, you take some Day-Quil and hope for the best right? Well, guess what? That Day-Quil is actually just suppressing your cold symptoms until your body can fight it off. It's not even giving your body health benefits! 
Look below, a virus is sneaky and it likes to hangout inside our cells, because it knows its safe there from medicine. Well ... Essential Oils are super friendly, and our bodies love them SO ... they can pass through that cell membrane and attack the cold virus head on. Neat right? Bye, bye head cold. 

Not only will the Essential Oils knock-out viruses (and infections), the cost difference is amazing! (we're talking an average of a 20 cent savings per use ... with a simple cold, that's gonna add up! I HATE spending $10 for a box of pills.) Plus, you don't have to throw out your half used box of Day-Quil (and Night-Quil) because it expires before you get to use them on cold #2 in 12 months.

Alright ... so Essential Oils are friendly to our body. Got it. Frankincense can even pass through the blood brain barrier and give SO many health benefits (including for cancer ... it's okay, be skeptical. I don't blame you!) 

Next, you need to understand WHY doTERRA oils and why not one of those other Essential Oils? 

There are four different types of oils.

1) Synthetic Grade:  Walk into Bath and Body Works and what do you smell? Synthetic Grade oils. I love Bath and Body Works just as much as the next lovely smelling lady, but that's all they are: smell-goods. 

2) Food Grade: These are the oils you will find in food. Peppermint chewing gum. Lemon Drops. Cinnamon Gummy Bears. You get the point. They taste yummy as all get out, but really, they're not beneficial to our health.

3) Therapeutic Grade: This used to be the highest standard of Essential Oils. The Oils don't have to be controlled by the FDA so, companies could put whatever they wanted in their bottles. 2 drops of lavender and then fill 'er up with water. Or, even 5 drops of high grade oils, mixed with 57.2 drops of the lowest grade possible. Yeah, health benefits but, not the best you can get. 

Then ... enter doTERRA (cue super hero music) 

4) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade: Say that 5 times fast and then we'll move on...
Okay, so doTERRA prides themselves in the level of their oils. The plants that the oils are extracted from are grown and harvested in their natural habitat so, they don't have to rot on an airplane to get to America from France. You get the optimal benefits from the oils. They go through extensive (and expensive) tests that other oil companies skip. These tests ENSURE that the oils are the top of the line, best of the best, purest, cleanest, most bestest oils you can get. If they don't pass those tests - they don't get put in their bottles. These oils are beyond organic, free of fillers, pesticides and foreign contaminants. Free of CHEMICALS. 

Bottom line: They are 100% pure. You can't get more pure than doTERRA Essential Oils. 

Super awesome, right? 

I hope that after reading this your bouncing up and down in your chair thinking about all the wonderful ways doTERRA Essential Oils can change your families lives! It's okay if you're not, we'll work on that ... but humor me a little longer. Wouldn't you rather use PURE products on your family instead of CHEMICALS that are synthesized in a lab in downtown L.A.? Do you really know what diphenhydramine is? Or butylparaben, methylparaben or propylparaben is? 

Me neither. 

But they're on the back of the box of Benadryl I have. I used to put those random chemicals into my body. Sure, they work just fine, but who knows what short-term or long-term affects they had on my body. 

Now, instead of all those paraben-a-whata's ... I simply use a little bit of lavender. That's it. I know what lavender is. I know where it comes from. And because it says doTERRA on the bottle, I know it's the finest lavender oil known to man.
I don't know about you, but I feel a lot more confident in my health choices when I know exactly what I am putting into my body. I feel in control of my body and honestly, I feel like I can conquer anything that rears its ugly little head in our family. 

I know you're antsy to know more about these amazing oils, but for now, mull on all the knowledge. Ask yourself if the medications (ie: chemicals) you're putting into your body are really benefitting you and your family? Ask yourself if you want to feel like super mom? Ask yourself if the idea of curing an ear infection at midnight, at home, without the hassle of a $150 ER visit and forcing goopy medicine down your screaming 3 year olds throat, is worth it? (I promise you, it is!) 

This stuff will empower you. It will make you feel healthier, look healthier and BE healthier. 

And because I know you want more of this goodness ... tomorrow I'm going to talk (write?) about where these oils come from and HOW to use them. And, we'll get to some seriously awesome personal experiences that I've had, too. So, hold on tight...

If you have a specific health concern you are wondering about, there's probably a doTERRA to help you. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and we'll discuss how doTERRA can help give you a better, healthier life! 

(and end scene. commericals done. you can now return to your previously televised program.) 


  1. Love it!! And love you!! That just sums it up :-)

  2. I've been using them for almost 2 yrs now :)

  3. You are absolutely adorable!! Candace Evans shared your post on FB and I had to read it--describes my experience almost exactly!! Been using doT for a year now. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I am interested to hear exactly how an oil can "knock out a virus?" Or how it does anything for cancer? Those are mighty claims. Case studies can be compelling, but are there any RCTs or other clinical trials to back doTERRA up and prove its generalizability to a wider population? Has doTERRA been approved by the FDA to fight these conditions? Just wondering. Thanks lady! :)